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Kensoart 20ft Kitchen Package

2 Toilets

Double Toilet Tile Overlay Renovation Package for both BTO and Resale Apartments.

Within the Package:

  • Tiles - High-quality Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles by HAFARY

  • 2x Mirror Cabinet - Top Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinet (400/500/600 mm Width)

  • 2x Vanity Cabinet - Bottom Wall-mounted Aluminium Cabinet (400/500/600 mm Width)

  • 2x Basin Drainage Valve - REVO ITALY's Pop-up High-quality Basin Drainage Valve - G16V

  • 2x Tap - REVO ITALY's 304 Stainless Steel Cold Tap - RV 8413

  • 2x WC - REVO ITALY's 2pc Rimless White Ceramic S-Trap Toilet Bowl

  • 2x Shower Set - REVO ITALY's 304 Stainless Steel Rain Shower with Faucet for Storage Heater or REVO ITALY's 304 Stainless Steel Rain Shower with supplied 2-way Tap for Instant Heater - R-S-4211-G/R-S-4210 and RV-2T

  • 2x Bidet - REVO ITALY's 304 Stainless Steel Bidet Spray Set and Angle Valve - R-S-3001

  • 2x Toilet Door - Bi-fold Doors in White Powder Coat/NA/BA, Inner Aluminium Frame with Normal Acrylic/PVC Panels

  • Storage Heater - RUBINE Matrix Black 30L - MT-30B SIN 2.5/SPH 205 SIN 3.0 20L or 2x RUBINE Instant Heater - 1388W-HP

  • 2x Lighting - 18W White 6000K Square LED Light.

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