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About us

Kenso Art Interiors Pte Ltd is an experienced interior designer/HDB Registered Renovation Contractor since 2008, specialising in entire house renovations and unique designs for both residential and commercial projects. 

We provide a unique experience in our unique hand-drawn artworks for both our kitchen tempered glass backsplashes and kitchen/toilet glass doors. No other designers or contractors offer such a plethora of designs for a tailored experience.

We at Kensoart Interiors Pte Ltd understand the plight of homeowners over the years, dealing with hundreds of rotted kitchen cabinets over the years, moisture damage or even hives of bug infestations within the crevices, and as such we've come up with our unique BLUEPROOF waterproofing solution to help dispel such situations. This is applied onto your kitchen sink cabinets, providing amazing protection against plywood rot damage, extending the life expectancy of your cabinetry -- and all of this at no additional cost to you. 

With our access to highly experienced carpenters, we provide an unmatched renovation in durability and quality, and not to mention, our extremely competitive rates compared to other contractors. 

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