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Blueproof Waterproof Kichen Cabinets


Kenso Art Interior Blueproof Cabinet
Kenso Art Interior Blueproof Cabinet


BLUEPROOF is Kenso Art Interior's sole proprietary waterproofing solution made specifically for plywood carpentry, with wear layers of up to 2mm and capable of lasting up to 15 years and more with continued heavy-duty use.

This application of our BLUEPROOF waterproofing solution is applied free of charge to all of our Kitchen Sinks, and provided with every Kitchen Package.
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Why choose Kenso Art?

Kenso Art Interiors offers the highest value for your dollar, providing significant protection to your kitchen renovation projects with our BLUEPROOF waterproofing solution. 

Many of our competitors provide zero or no protection against plywood rot.  Some have replace the solid plywood in the sink cabinet top housing the heavy sink, tap and its heavy usages (pots, pans, etc.) with PVC foam board that sagged with time, exposing gaps between the sink and the unprotected plywood.  Water and insects penetrate these gaps and caused plywood rot, bacteria growth, pests-infestation and unhygienic conditions.

With lasting resistance, quality workmanship and customised designs and layouts, yet attaining affordable pricing for our package deals, Kenso Art Interiors offers an undisputed value for your dollar.

Reasons to get a BLUEPROOF Cabinet

Falling Countertops and Sinks

Countertops and Sinks will collapse and fall when the supporting plywood carpentry start to degrade due to wet rot.


Health Issues

Rotting cabinets, either through wet-rot and dry-rot, carry health-concerning spores that can be ingested or diseases that you can get from insect infestations or pests that feed upon the decaying plywood.


Unsightly and Smell

Plywood rot darkens and peels surrounding laminates, causing blotches of black all around your cabinets. With it also comes the issue of smell, the cabinets would emit a wet, musky smell that sits into your clothes.

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